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In "Madonna," I present a powerful and symbolic portrayal of an ebony woman standing tall, adorned in a regal red robe. She commands attention on a bed of exquisite blue orchids, surrounded by graceful white ibis birds, set against a luminous gold background. This piece, named "Madonna," is a celebration of strength, grace, and the profound journey towards self-realization.

The red robe symbolizes the resilience and boldness within every woman. It serves as a visual anthem, echoing the strength and beauty found in embracing one's true self. The blue orchids beneath her feet represent a bed of mindful growth, each bloom signifying a milestone in the transformative journey of life.

The presence of white ibis birds adds a touch of purity and wisdom to the composition. These elegant birds serve as messengers of comfort, guiding the viewer through the intricate landscape of the painting. Their ethereal presence hints at the embracing of one's own journey, with each step forward marked by the assurance of peace and clarity.

Set against a radiant gold background, "Madonna" signifies the abundance that comes from the pursuit of self-realization. Gold, a symbol of wealth and enlightenment, serves as a backdrop for the hidden words that resonate within the artwork: "mindful growth, comfort, journey, onward, peace, embracing, milestone, clarity, abundance, wisdom, and self-realization."

The hidden words are carefully integrated, inviting the viewer to explore the depths of the painting and uncover the profound messages concealed within. "Madonna" is not merely a visual feast but a contemplative experience, offering a sanctuary for reflection on the themes of growth, comfort, and the onward journey towards inner peace. This piece invites all to embrace the milestones, find clarity in their path, and discover the abundance of wisdom within themselves.

Size: 24x48x1.5 inches
Medium: Gold Leaf, Acrylic, Oil
Made: 2023

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, 24x48” original painting by Tracy Guiteau, Copyright 2023, all rights reserved. 

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