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In the painting "Repos," I invite you into a serene and intimate space where an ebony woman rests gracefully on a bed of lush purple sheets. Surrounding her are the vibrant hues of mangoes and guinep, echoing the richness of life and the beauty found in moments of repose. Above her, the national bird of Haiti soars, symbolizing a connection to heritage and the spirit of resilience.

The title, "Repos," meaning rest in French, encapsulates the essence of the artwork. It is an exploration of the quietude that comes with pausing amidst life's journey. The woman's repose is not only physical but also a state of mind, where tranquility and contemplation intertwine.

The purple sheets enveloping her symbolize regality and spiritual awakening, offering a sense of comfort and security. The presence of mangoes and guinep, evoking the flavors of the tropics, represents the abundance of nature and the simple joys that bring sweetness to life.

Hovering above, the national bird of Haiti serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of cultural roots and the strength derived from heritage. Its flight signifies freedom and the soaring spirit within every individual.

Hidden within the canvas are words that resonate with the composition: Gratitude, Love, and Birth. These words subtly weave into the visual narrative, inviting the viewer to contemplate the profound themes of appreciation, affection, and the continuous cycle of new beginnings.

"Repos" is not just a painting; it is an ode to the beauty of rest, the celebration of cultural identity, and the acknowledgment of the transformative power of gratitude, love, and birth. Through this artwork, I hope to evoke a sense of calm reflection and an appreciation for the rich tapestry of life's moments, both big and small.

Size: 48x48x2.5 inches
Medium: Gold Leaf, Acrylic, Oil
Made: 2023

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, 48x48” original painting by Tracy Guiteau, Copyright 2023, all rights reserved. 

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