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In the mesmerizing painting 'Shallow,' we are submerged into the vibrant world of three graceful discus fish, their vivid colors dancing beneath the water's surface. Yet, there's more to this artwork than meets the eye.

Hidden within the depths of 'Shallow' are four profound words: 'Faith,' 'Peace,' 'Favor,' and 'Upward.' These concealed messages act as anchors, revealing the underlying narrative of the piece.

The discus fish, with their tranquil movements and serene expressions, embody the essence of faith and peace. They navigate the shallows with grace, reminding us that even in the midst of uncertainty, we can find inner calm and trust in the journey ahead.

'Shallow' serves as a reminder that favor often finds those who persevere, who stay true to their path and beliefs. The fish, with their iridescent beauty, are a symbol of the blessings that come when we remain steadfast in our convictions.

Above all, 'Shallow' invites us to look upward, to set our sights on higher aspirations and possibilities. It encourages us to rise above the shallow waters of doubt and hesitation, to reach for the skies with hope and determination.

As you contemplate this masterpiece, may 'Shallow' inspire you to dive deep into your own reservoir of faith and peace. May it remind you that favor and blessings await those who journey upward with unwavering conviction, just as these elegant discus fish do in their aquatic realm.

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, 36x48” original painting by Tracy Guiteau, Copyright 2023, all rights reserved. 

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